Bull name:
Raile Soverign

A new leader in genetic supremacy

  • Supreme calve ease, growth and carcass merit in one package.
  • Docility changer, incredibly quiet and easy to handle
  • High customer satisfaction, breeders love his progeny for their combination of CE, performance, phenotype and docility.

Make a sovereign choice your girls will thank you for it.

Bull name:
Easy Gain

Easy gain progeny, easy born, good performance cattle with nice muscle expression. Known high feed efficiency pedigree –field report.

  • Only bull to be ranked top 1% CE and top 1% 400 day weight, in fact top 1% for 9 traits.
  • Sire ‘Easy Pro’ is the leading sire of low birth weight, high milk and marbling.
  • Outstanding maternal family.

Easy Gain is an easy decision to make put him to work for you.

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